Friday, February 27, 2009

Catching up to oneself....

Well, apparently the Snyder's Factory in Goodyear does not do tours/field trips. We'd have to schlepp back to the East Coast for that. So, that goes down on the list of things to do next time we find ourselves out East. : ) Since I was already on the phone that day, I decided to catch up with myself and update all the doctor's visits I have not made in...ummm...years....due to life circumstances like having children. Dentist....Eye Doctor (which I never seemed to have needed in the past)...and the list goes on. I tend to forget to do this for myself in the swirl of children's activities and appointments. While the children are up to date with their dentist check ups...I seem to be a few years behind. Time passes so quickly...when it's time to fill out that form that says "what is the date of your last appt.?" and I can't remember AT's too long. In the midst of life, my kids have now outgrown their pediatric dentist and are ready to move on to what they would consider the *boring* offices. The ones without jungles, video games, and toy dispensers. It's almost like a mini rite of passage. One's ready to move on....the other not so much. I think I will feel that same twinge when I step into the Eye doctor's office. I have a suspicion I will be met with a mini rite of passage that I am not altogether ready for yet.....glasses! A new learning experience for me....having had 20/20 vision my entire vision is not what it used to be. I can't imagine wearing contacts due to the fact that somehow they have to actually make contact with my eyes in order to be of any use. I'd imagine that glasses would have to be the way to go if it comes to that. Reiki On! Possibly I can skin through without corrective devices. Enough about next post will be photos of the kids doing what they love to do. : )

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In keeping with the rhythm of the new moon today...Nevan has decided to let go of some activities/classes that are not matching his needs right now and shifting some activities to different days. We have updated his Self Design map, in which he identifies the activities/learning opportunities that are important to him and that which he would like to focus his time on at the moment. He is going to shorten his T/TH Eagleridge days by starting at 11 am, instead of 9 am... that will also help with his new baseball schedule. Baseball practices with his new East Valley Baseball League are going to be on the same days as Eagleridge classes which would make for a very long day/night. Currently on Nevan's plan: Spanish, Science (he wants to do chem experiments), PE (he wants to run Track), Geography, Math, Pioneer History, Adobe Photoshop, Band(percussion), and Baseball. Looks like we will do Math and Geography as part of our home ed co-op/field trip days on Mondays, and Science during home ed co-op on Fridays, and the rest will be taken at ER or EVBL. So I'm off to schedule a field trip the Snyder's Pretzel Factory and research chemistry experiments that are non explosive! Well, we could always do those outside. : )

Thursday, February 12, 2009

where did the time go?

So I just realized it was September the last time I blogged! I almost forgot my password! Where did all that time go??? Physical therapy, trip to San Francisco, Justin's birthday, Silvio's birthday, Halloween, the Gillespie Family Roping Event, Thanksgiving, Grandma's passing, baseball games, Christmas/New Year's to Zio Elio's passing...which is the reason why I find myself in NJ. The last half of 2008 went by so fast and here we are already 2 months into 2009. My trip to NJ is coming to a close and we are bummed about that, but looking forward to being home again. Silvio considers NJ his home. He wants to move here, have a boat, expand Nonna's house so we can all fit, go crabbing every day, and hang out at the beach. He's definitely a Jersey Shore lover. We'll be back soon.
Silvio gives the Thumbs Up...his trash findings have been properly disposed of.
Silvio found this special sea tumbled heart stone on the beach that day....Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
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One Day at the Beach

While digging some more, Silvio found a huge rusted nail. We decided it would be a good idea to dispose of these so no one else would find them or cut themselves while walking barefoot on the beach this summer.
While walking, we found a broken lightbulb on the dune!
Silvio decided this would be a good day for a Beach Clean Up!
He scavenged around looking for other items that did not belong here!

One Day at the Beach...

It was 74 degrees on Wednesday in NJ! So we decided it would be a great day to fly a kite at the beach.
This is Lavallete, NJ, just over the Seaside Bridge and north on Rt. 35.
As Silvio was digging in the sand he found a very large screw.
Which he used to send Valentine's wishes to everyone.
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