Monday, June 1, 2009

The Universe Speaks....

Step away from the electronics. Unplug. Organize. Get back to nature. Reconnect with Spirit.

It was loud and clear. On the wake of having never ending glitches and issues with my computer and media files, the day before Mother's Day my computer's hard drive crashed. Everything came to a screeching halt. ALL of the precious photos that I have taken in how many years??? all locked in this tiny little piece of plastic. No email access, no email addresses and no photo access. This was bad.

I did have my Blackberry cell phone as back up so the email situation could be temporarily fixed. I found out quickly, however, that my phone was not accessing ALL my email, so many were lost in cyberspace. Not good. 2 days after my computer crashed, my blackberry decided to erase ALL my emails and my entire call log. so, now no access to recent phone calls from folks I did not have a phone number for. that's OK, I said to have an address book with most of the regularly used numbers. so we'll go slow and hope the others call back. so the next day I go to make a phone call and scroll through to my address book and wouldn't you know that my address book numbers all disappeared! How could this be??? Was this some kind of cruel joke?? What the &^%$ was going on???? Arghhhhh!

I had people to see, places to go, and photos to organize and edit. nevan's end of season baseball party was coming up...I wanted to get all our team baseball game photos on CD for the parents....birthdays and anniversaries were coming up... we had scrap-booking and photo projects in the making. Our calendar with all our appointments was out of reach. how did this happen? how did we get so dependent on our pieces of plastic that our lives fall apart organizationally if we can't connect? 10 years ago I did not have a cell phone or a computer and I never seemed to miss appointments. dang fangled technology.

In the process of making peace with this whole situation, I decide that I need to let go and start over. I can recreate a calendar. I can rebuild a phone book. I can take more pictures. i can get a new computer ( and pay the Geek Squad to retrieve my old photos) so, I brought my camera to nevan's last baseball game of the season...determined to at least have a few game photos from this season. Turn the camera on. Push the button. She no work. Oh my heavens!!!! This was the topper this week! For crying out loud. My camera too!?!?!?! It was just working 2 days ago. Mercury is in retrograde, but come on!!!

I guess I'll be heading to the bookstore and investing in paperbacks, journal pads and pencils. Back to basics for a while. It seems that the Universe has spoken. I do feel that all the electronic impulses around us day in and day out affect our personal energy systems. It is wonderfully refreshing for our bodies to be away from the constant barrage of electricity generated by all of our equipment and toys. It is easier to hear and connect to Spirit when our minds are free and our bodies are clear of superfluous competing energies.

This was written back in May and although the disconnect was wonderfully refreshing... I have since acquired a new computer and ran to the store in July to get a replacement camera when I realized that it was especially challenging for me to be on summer vacation with the family and not have a camera on hand. I am slowly stepping back up the technological plate, and duefully respect my time away from it. : )