Monday, August 31, 2009


I cried today. Nevan asked me why? We were sitting in an auditorium full of prospective young persons aspiring to be Student Ambassadors for the People to People Global Education program. At first I thought, well, how silly. But there was something about the media presentation about the global travel programs that sparked my memories...memories of my own travel experiences...thoughts about my own desires to make the world a better place...wonder at the realization that I was now, again in a room full of wide eyed young people, listening to the wonderful merits of global education, not for myself, but for my son. It was touching to me that he is interested in doing this at such a young age. It threw me back 20 years. I could hear the same voices talking about the Center for Global Education. My trip to Central America flashed before my eyes. The people I have met, the friends I have made, the web that has been weaved... the time that has passed. always the time that has passed.

The flood of tears representing all the emotions of time passing, people passing, opportunities passing...

I haven't written here since Maryjane died. I could not bring myself to stream on about the frivolity of our life until I could come to grips with her life lost, her children left to carry on without her. Children that miss their mommy.

It wasn't' long after that when I received the phone call that Frank left us as well, after his debilitating experience with Parkinson's. 2009 was turning out to be hosted by loved ones departing. I am full of gratitude for the time that we were able to spend with them. Grandma Gillespie, Elio, Maryjane, Frank...and Betty Sue and Ferdinand...little souls that never knew the wonders of the earth...yet still so much a part of lives. We are blessed by their affect on our lives. Tonight, I am remembering ALL of our family and friends that have already crossed over. Their spirits will forever be a part of me, my family, our universal sphere.

Nevan asked me if I would freak out the day he leaves for any potential global trek. Probably not because I know his light will shine and he will have a most wonderful experience ...but I can't guarantee that I won't cry.
"Every positive choice, no matter how big or small, touches all other life with healing and beauty. Eternal optimism joined with loving action is the most powerful tool I own." - Julia Butterfly Hill